Management Consulting

We help clients improve performance by analyzing existing organizational problems and developing best practices and plans for improvement.

Insight to Improve Your Performance

Our management team members establish long-term relationships with our clients:

  • Serving as an adviser to senior management on strategic planning and implementation
  • Assisting with reinforcing an organization’s core values and developing best practices to create a culture of excellence and achievement
  • Establishing organizational development processes that promote positive change
  • Assisting with the management of change, including communications tools that maintain morale during periods of transition


Our Management Consulting Division works with Federal agencies to evaluate management issues, staffing issues and an organization’s specific program objectives. We have extensive experience with Federal management reviews, in particular those involving program evaluations. Management consulting services often include program design, evaluation assistance, and staff and community input concerning general technical assistance to address specific issues identified within the organization.

Program Evaluations

In addition to meeting your organization’s requirements, we have developed a system that yields valuable data to address other critical operational goals to improve current and future capabilities, including critical skills, organizational relationships, new operational approaches and emerging technologies. We provide comprehensive management consulting services as well as external program evaluations.

We leverage survey instruments and interview templates to garner project performance data from administrators and project managers. We follow the basic program evaluation steps in planning, implementation and reporting. At a minimum, we follow the requirements delineated in the President’s Management Agenda’s (PMA) Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) to identify and develop strategies for measuring, collecting data and performing analyses.

Based on our research, it is apparent that the PART initiative will have significant impact on developing future evaluations. According to the directives issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the PMA, programs must:

  • Have complete plans, with clear goals and priorities
  • Articulate the potential public benefits of the program
  • Document their relevance to specific Presidential priorities to receive special consideration
  • Have relevance to the needs of the Nation, fields of S&T and program “customers” who must be assessed periodically through retrospective external review
  • Define appropriate output and outcome measures, schedules and decision points.
  • Document performance retrospectively annually

In addition, programs may be required to track and report relevant program inputs annually.

The ultimate goal of an external review is to provide your organization with an objective review. The review assesses whether your programs have been effective and achieved results that address the problems, interests and needs for which the program was established.


TransPort is a database that directly connects employees at the National of Institutes of Health (NIH) – enabling “team science.” We’re involved in project planning for the database, which will allow users to search for employees and pull up their publications, subject matter expertise, current and past projects, and other relevant information. An RGM team member serves as the Project Manager for the initiative. As the project evolves and progresses, our responsibilities will include managing development, including coordinating with outside vendors. Our staff will also be heading up the marketing of the tool to the NIH research community.

In addition, we organized a series of Brown Bag Lunch & Learns on a variety of topics, requested by staff at Health and Human Services (HHS). Topics included iOS 6, Adobe, and Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.