Information Technology

Comprehensive Technology Services to Support Clients’ Results-Driven Strategies

RGM’s IT group has built a successful reputation for perfectly matching technology, media and staffing solutions for clients’ varied and challenging business objectives. We provide a vast array of services including web and mobile application development; IT modernization, cloud computing (AWS and Microsoft Azure), Section 508 compliance, statistics, research, data management and analysis, data visualization, animation, multimedia (video, audio, and other digital formats). Our web teams also review and assess website usage and interpret web analytics for optimum performance. When needed, RGM also provides workforce support with contract staffing, assistant through executive levels, to complement and collaborate with your in-place technology teams. Every phase of our strategies is backed by strict compliance to Federal requirements when we work with leading departments, such as HHS, NIH, SAMSHA, AHRQ and many more.

Case Study: NIH

Our staff at the Office of Behavioral & Social Science Research (OBSSR) worked with leadership on key research projects such as “the science of learning.” This involved using NIH’s system IMPAC II to review current and past NIH grants in this area. RGM also collaborated with NIH scientists to develop a means of visually presenting complex data on breast cancer screening. RGM’s statistician at NIH planned and executed research assignments, including formulation of feasible analytical plans, data preparation, statistical analysis and sound interpretation of results. Our statistician also developed innovative methods for statistical analysis and applied them to various health services research projects within the behavioral and social sciences industry. At a vital stage, our subject expert was asked to develop assessment of existing statistical and analytical methods and collaborate with other NIH scientists to support the best application of statistical science in behavioral medicine and population health.